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New chips released,TK3400 Series for Kyocera ECOSYS PA4500x/PA500X/PA5500X/PA6000x

Last year,November 2022,Kyocera released new A4 monochrome printers ECOSYSPA4500x and ECOSYSPA6000x,adopt new technology on toner chip,Intelet get the printers in the first time, and at the same time,cooperated with empty toner cartridge factory make out compatible cartridges for tk3400 series,after months endeavor,full fucntion compatible chips  are ready


OEMPage YieldRegionCompatible printer

TK-340112.5KJPKyocera ECOSYS PA4500x/MA 4500ifx

TK-343112.5KJPKyocera ECOSYS PA600Ox

TK-340012.5KEURKyocera ECOSYS PA4500x/MA4500x/fx

TK-341015.5KEURKyocera ECOSYS PA5000x/ifx

TK-343025KEURKyocera ECOSYS PA5500x/MA5500ifx

TK-344040KEURKyocera ECOSYS PA6000x/MA6000ifx

TK-340212.5KUSKyocera ECOSYS PA4500x/MA4500x/fx

TK-341215.5KUSKyocera ECOSYS PA5000x

TK-343225KUSKyocera ECOSYS PA5500x/MA5500ifx

TK-344240KUSKyocera ECOSYS PA6000x/MA6000ifx

TK-340412.5KAUKyocera ECOSYS PA4500x/MA4500x/fx

TK-341415.5KAUKyocera ECOSYS PA5000x

TK-343425KAUKyocera ECOSYS PA5500x/MA5500ifx

TK-344440KAUKyocera ECOSYS PA6000x/MA6000ifx


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